Florida Stuffed welcomes you to the Repeat Restaurant of the Month section. The repeat restaurant is a monthly event where I revisit a restaurant featured previously on Florida Stuffed. These are restaurants featured originally at least six months ago or possibly longer. You will see what I ordered, followed by a brief review to see if my impressions have changed.

Location: Cornerstone Pizza –Orlando, Florida

Date of Revisit: 08/02/2019

Date of Original Visit: 03/17/2017

Link to Original Visit:

Previous Visit Summary: It has been well over two years since the last time I featured this restaurant and I love this place because it is local, close to home and good service. Definitely enjoyed the food the last time, a stromboli. Good spot, comfortable and open later than some other places, making it convenient to try. The crew and the owner are friendly people, and they take care of their customers.


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How Was the Food: On this visit, I decided to do something simple. I ordered a 14″ cheese pizza with extra cheese. I admit I ate most of it myself and enjoyed doing so. Pizza quality is very fresh, cheese and sauce are fresh, with an easy-to-eat thin crust. Not much has changed here, you still get a lot of great options on the menu, the restaurant is comfortable with a relaxed atmosphere and prices remain reasonable.

How Was the Service: Service was good as it was before. Orders are taken at the register and I was checked on once during my stay after getting my pizza. These guys make sure customers have their orders in time and my pizza came out in less than fifteen minutes. It is still a good spot being in the Fern Creek area, which has a lot of traffic coming in and out of downtown Orlando, and close if you live anywhere in the Delaney neighborhood. My impression of this place is still great and I continue to recommend it.

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