October 2019:

Florida Stuffed has a light travel schedule for the month of October. Expect me to visit restaurants in Orlando, Leesburg and Oviedo for my repeat restaurant of the month. It has been a year since I visited a spot in Leesburg and it has been three years since I featured a restaurant from Oviedo. Plans are underway to expand restaurant visits in both areas in 2020 as I have featured one from both all time. The travel schedule for November will be modified later this month. Vero Beach has been postponed as I will be returning to the Fort Lauderdale area after a fun and successful visit last month. Check back for the updates or look for announcements on Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook.

Check out Florida Stuffed on LinkedIn. Weekly articles are being published regarding top restaurant picks. You will find articles there for top pizza spots in Florida, a tour of the Brevard coastline, best Florida restaurant dating spots and others. You are also now able to like and comment on any article on the Florida Stuffed website without being logged in or registered by WordPress.

The 2011 Jeep Patriot 4×4 continues to be an issue with no end in sight. The shop where the Jeep was being held initially in August, cut my transmission into a thousand pieces. Due to a pending legal action, the name of the shop will be withheld. A replacement transmission was located recently but did not function. Another one will be installed this week. I am not convinced this vehicle can be repaired and it is not something that can be patched back together. Until it is back on the road (if it ever will be), alternate transportation will be used in travels. Just so you understand what happened to the transmission…



Technical Updates:

Florida Stuffed is developing a new “Help Wanted” section of the website. This will allow individuals or businesses to contact me to add job openings for their businesses free of charge. If you are interested, please contact me either by phone, email or use the contact link at the top of the website.

Florida Stuffed Charity Donations:

Charity donations continue to be suspended until further notice. Will resume as soon as possible.

Past Charity Contributions:

May: Harbour House of Central Florida

June: Florida Keys Childrens Center

July: Miami Rescue Mission

Cities To Be Visited: 

This month, travels will take me to Orlando, Oviedo and Leesburg. Visit the Travel Itinerary Section for details.