Location: Fireman Dereks Bake Shop and Cafe –Miami, Florida

Date of Visit: 11/05/2017

Welcome to restaurant #95 and the first restaurant review from Miami, Florida on Florida Stuffed! I took some time out this weekend and made a drive to south Florida. I have not visited Miami in the last couple of years but it is definitely a beautiful city and different from what I know in Orlando. On this day, the weather was great, and the city was active as always. I appreciate my friend Angel for his hospitality and helping me on my tour of Miami. I did another restaurant which will be posted on Florida Stuffed after this. I rode solo to this bake shop, which is located near downtown Miami. Fireman Dereks caught my attention through social media and I kept them saved in my phone.

The restaurant was easy to find, parking was not (as I will note in the accessibility section of the review). The bake shop was very tiny but it attracted people constantly while I was there. Most of the space in the place seemed to be dedicated to baking and displaying all of the lovely pies and cakes they make. I think the restaurant can sit a total of four people and there is limited outside seating available. I counted as many as twenty people crowded inside and more crowds forming outside as I was waiting. I arrived here approximately 245PM. I stayed for less than thirty minutes. This place had a good variety on the menu. There were various pies, cakes, cheesecakes, flans, cookies, teas and coffees. Despite the line, wait time was only a few minutes. This place would be totally awesome if the space was bigger. I loved what I had, the pies I tried, friendly staff but I do not care for the ‘being cramped’ while eating feeling but no one else seemed to mind. I would come back here if I visit Miami again.

Accessibility: Fireman Dereks Bake Shop is located on North Miami Avenue near the intersection of Northeast 29th Street in Miami, Florida. Paid parking is available either in parallel parking spaces in the vicinity and there is a public parking garage. Some of the parallel parking areas have paid meters. The one I parked at required me to call a phone number and enter my credit card information. I was a little reluctant on that but I had no choice. I believe my charge for parking was $1.88 total for sixty minutes. I am sure rates in the area are lower on Sundays. There is a lot of foot traffic in the area and panhandlers do not seem to care if they remain standing in the street next to you when the light turns green so just watch for them.

Customer Service: I was not greeted upon entry, nor was anyone else but it was a very active environment and the bakers and staff were well occupied. The cashier greeted me when my turn came up. She was very nice, friendly and my order was given to me within a minute after ordering so they definitely move fast paced. Keep in mind, they give a free cookie (a good sized cookie too) if you check in on Facebook and like their page too. I ate my chocolate chip cookie on my way back to Orlando. I was able to sit at one of the two open stools but the crowd was growing so much, I ate one of my pies and left.

Dating Scene: Hmm…assuming you find a place to sit, it would make an interesting date spot. Just be prepared to go elsewhere if you really want your pie but cannot enjoy it there. The restaurant is family friendly.

Lets Get to the Menu: I have pictures of the menu attached to this review at the top! You have cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies, teas, coffees and other confections. The beauty of this place is you can order by the slice or by the whole pie/cake. I ordered a slice of apple pie and a slice of peanut butter-chocolate pie. I will be honest, I enjoyed the apple pie more. I prefer my pie to be served warm but I made an exception when it was brought out cold. It was a very homemade apple pie, had a nice buttery flavor and a rich apple filling. I ate half of my peanut butter-chocolate pie. I did not realize it was more of a cheesecake. I think I am one of the only people that does not care for cheesecake at all but I liked how it was topped with crushed nutter-butter cookies and drizzled chocolate on top. I am not sure what the price point here is but my two slices cost me a little over $12. Based on that, I think the prices could be a little lower but this is downtown Miami we are talking about. I do not recall seeing prices on the menus for anything which is not uncommon in parts of Miami.

Extras: Plenty to see and drive through in the immediate area. You are not far from the Miami International Airport. I know, I got lost in there as soon as I tried to merge back onto the expressway.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Credit Card and cash are accepted.

Wifi Available: Unknown

Discounts Available: Free cookie with check-in on Facebook

Delivery Services: None available.

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