Location: Cubavana Café — Cutler Bay, Florida

Date of Visit: 11/05/2017

Welcome to part two of the Miami, Florida Tour on Florida Stuffed. Welcome to Cubavana Café, located in Cutler Bay, Florida. First review ever out of this area as well. Before I begin the written portion of this, I was joined by my long-time friend Angel that lives here and he recommended the restaurant to me. We did a little special episode on this. Expect an actual YouTube episode on this restaurant to be featured approximately two weeks from the date of this posting on Florida Stuffed YouTube, link available at the top of the page. We were authorized to film in the restaurant and are in the process of editing it. I had the honor of meeting the owner Mr Victor. I hope to remain in contact with him. It was a great restaurant, and he has fifty years of experience in the restaurant business. He told me that in all of his time doing this, this is the first time anyone has wanted to film in his restaurant. I am glad we were able to change that. Florida Stuffed is here to help these restaurants especially in media production. Expect live takes from me, Angel and an on camera interview with Mr Victor himself.

Cubavana itself is not a huge restaurant but not small either. I was really impressed with the quality, and presentation of the food here. Cuban cuisine is one of my favorite Latin foods, up there with Columbian. The service was really good. We have some very beautiful ladies working here. Food was very fresh, very large portions of food, and reasonable prices make this one of the best places to eat in Miami. Angel told me about this place and said that this IS the best Cuban food you can get here. I admit I agree with him. The Cuban restaurants in Orlando give some very impressive recipes but customer services is not getting high marks from me but this place, they really care about the customers. To go a little further in this summary, I really enjoyed meeting Mr Victor. We talked for a while. I have to say, he carries himself as a well-spoken, classy gentleman. He came into the restaurant while we were wrapping up dinner. We arrived around 6PM. I love having the chance to meet with the owners and I appreciate him allowing Florida Stuffed to film and record in his restaurant. My compliments to him, and he has many credentials as a restaurant owner over the years. He stays very close to his Cuban roots with the menu and the atmosphere of this place.

Accessibility: Cubavana is located on Old Cutler Road in Cutler Bay, Florida. It is located in a Publix shopping center. There are a lot of active shops in the strip not to mention the Publix so be aware of the parking and pedestrian traffic. Traffic in the immediate area was light during the time of our arrival and after.

Customer Service: We were greeted upon entry by a manager and the lovely servers. Our server was very nice, very friendly and made sure we were taken care of. Our orders were brought out in approximately fifteen minutes. Having Mr Victor join us added to the experience.

Dating Scene: You cannot go wrong doing a date at this place. You have enough on the menu to make your date happy. The restaurant is family friendly. The restaurant maintains a nice, simple atmosphere, and there is enough table space to accommodate small or large groups.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit I ordered the chiccaron de pollo, which is fried chicken, served with plantains, white rice and black beans. The fried chicken surprised me with the use of raw onions as a topping. Sorry folks, but I love my onions raw. It added to the flavor of the chicken. The chicken itself was really good, nicely fried, easy to handle. I was complimented by Angel that I eat chicken the way it should be eaten, with my hands. The white rice was really good, for white rice. People know that know me will tell you that I never go near white rice, no flavor, dull substance but the rice was one of my favorite parts of the meal. I also ordered two scrambled eggs on the side. The restaurant offers breakfast all day but charges extra after 11AM. The restaurant serves wine and beer for those interested. On the menu you will find sandwiches, breakfast menu items, mariscos, salads, sharing plates, cantinas, desserts, coffees and teas. Expect a variety of meats, chicken, pork, beef and they also have fajitas as well. If you stick to the meals, and avoid drinks and appetizers, you can keep your bill under $30 for a couple but by all means, enjoy a dessert and drink here! I also ordered a cup of fresh orange juice. Angel ordered a bistec empanizado, a flattened fried chicken steak.

Extras: You have plenty of shops and other restaurants in the same plaza and the Publix to shop in if you are here.

Delivery Services: The restaurant has delivery through Postmates, Eat24, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Delivery.com, and a few others.

Discounts Available: Senior Citizen discount available.

Wifi: None available

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash, Credit Card

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Cuban, Latin, Miami, Cutler Bay

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