Location: The El Criollito Food Truck –Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 11/04/2017

We have a food truck on scene in Orlando, Florida. You will find El Criollito in the parking lot of Fancy Auto Sales located at the corner of Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive (SR-50) in Orlando, Florida. I bought my current vehicle from this place back in February of this year. Had a pretty good experience and no issues with my vehicle, 2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude 4×4. The owner Mr Dennis told me he had a food truck at his business and this truck turned out to be a gem for me. I have not reviewed any Puerto Rican food trucks and I met with the owner as well during my visit. The owner of the truck Mr Alberto told me that he owns another truck and a restaurant nearby so I hope to remain in touch with him and visit the other truck and this restaurant in the near future. Really nice guy, and maybe I can arrange to do an interview with him soon. Since this is a food truck and not a full blown restaurant, the layout of this review will be slightly different but this truck is recommended.

This particular truck was a popular one, especially with the people that would stop by at the lot just to visit the truck. I was alone initially but was joined by several other customers.

Accessibility: The truck is posted at Fancy Auto Sales at Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive (SR-50) in Orlando, Florida. This area faces heavy congestion during weekday commute hours. Parking is limited and keep that in mind if you park, do not block the driveway like I saw some people doing.

Customer Service: Service was good. I was greeted immediately. I received my food in less than fifteen minutes.

Lets Get to the Menu: This truck has a lot to offer on its menu. I ordered La Chicarron de Pollo, or fried chicken translated. This is one dish that varies a little in some Latin cultures and I like to see how it changes from place to place. Essentially, it is chunks of fried chicken, some pieces are boneless, some are not. My meal also included a salad and mofongo. I was really happy with the chicken and the mofongo. There was a lot of flavor going on with the food. I always find Spanish food to be very refreshing on a long day. The truck also offers camarones, carne frila, pulpo, tostones and a range of natural juices and drinks. With my juice, I spent approximately $10.00 on my order. Portion size was very good. The chicken was done nicely, and very easy to eat.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash and credit.

Delivery Services: Uber Eats

Wifi: None Available.

Discounts: None Available.

Extras: There are a few stores and markets to shop at in the immediate area. You are approximately ten minutes from SR-408 (Tolls).

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