Location: College Park Café –Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 10/29/2017

Florida Stuffed has been quiet through the month of October 2017 but I am back in business! I spent most of this month working on social media outlets and the new YouTube channel and just telling people about Florida Stuffed. To end October, I took on some breakfast at an old café in the College Park area of Orlando, Florida, just a short drive from downtown. It has been a while since I have visited any restaurants in this area but I thought the prices were very reasonable here and I had a nice and quiet restaurant experience.

I arrived approximately 730AM this morning. I am not sure if I captured the true atmosphere of the restaurant. College Park is very quiet during this time on a Sunday morning, not a lot of traffic and foot traffic was non-existent. Inside, the restaurant was very quiet. There were approximately a half dozen customers and it was very quiet. I do not mind a quiet restaurant, especially after waking up early. I found service here to be good, the staff was very friendly and the food was great. Sometimes, I need an actual breakfast, something a little heavier to start my day. This café has been around since the 1960s to my knowledge and current ownership has been around since late 1980s so there is a lot of history with this place. The appearance of the restaurant has never really changed based on the pictures of the restaurant inside that have been taken over the years. Good thing is, with the low customer volume, I felt the server was more focused on me and the food was definitely a highlight of the visit as it should be. I am sure the place gets busier in the later morning hours.

Accessibility: College Park Café is located on Edgewater Drive near the intersection of Smith Street in Orlando, Florida. Traffic along Edgewater and Smith Street can become a little congested during commute hours, especially if there is an accident on Interstate 4. There is parallel parking available on both sides of Edgewater drive in this spot. There were no meters but there is a 2 hour time limit during the week.

Customer Service: I was greeted immediately upon entry. My server was very friendly and she was a pleasure to talk to. She told me a few of the facts of the restaurant presented at the opening of this review. My order was ready in approximately ten minutes. I was checked on regularly by my server. Tables were already stocked with utensils, and other condiments.

Dating Scene: College Park Café is a nice place to do a low-key breakfast date but nothing too intimate or serious on the dating scene. The restaurant is family friendly. I recommend sitting at one of the tables that runs along the center of the restaurant. The booths felt a little tight on me.

Lets Get to the Menu: The menu serves breakfast all day and there is a large variety of brunch items on the menu as well. Keep in mind the place closes at 2PM. On this visit, I ordered a combo breakfast that included two pancakes, sausage (links), and three scrambled eggs. I ordered one extra egg, it normally comes with two. You get a choice of French toast or pancakes with this combo along with a choice of bacon or sausage (patty or links). I also ordered a lemonade. My bill came out to approximately $12.40 before tip. Prices are all over the place on the menu but remain reasonable. Based on prices, I see a couple spending as low as $20, possibly up to $25 if you get extras (drinks/desserts) so the experience remains affordable. You may be able to keep it under $20 for a couple if you do not get extra sides or add-ons. Food portions were plenty for me. The pancakes were done just right, and they are big as you see in the pictures. The sausage was good, not overcooked and the eggs were really good, I always have to have eggs with my breakfast. The rest of the menu consists of sandwiches, omelets, French toasts, breakfast sandwiches, soups and salads too. Food quality was very fresh.

Payment Accepted: This is a new section for Florida Stuffed reviews. This restaurant takes cash and credit card payments.

Discounts: Another new section. This restaurant does not offer discounts for military, senior citizens, etc.

Wifi: Non available.

Extras: There are plenty of shops and other restaurants in walking distance. You are ten minutes from downtown Orlando and Interstate 4.

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Breakfast, Orlando, College Park

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