Location: Sip N Dip Donuts –Saint Cloud, Florida

Date of Visit: 10/10/2017

It has been a few months since I visited Saint Cloud, Florida but I found this little treat along US-192. This trip was brief but I got a lot from it as you will see. The locals must have a pure sweet tooth in this area based on the size of the donut case I found here. So many donuts everywhere…this could be a dream for me on some days. I was here for about thirty minutes. The restaurant was very quiet, no one else came in until I was about to leave. This restaurant does not just serve donuts. They offer their breakfast sandwiches all day along with their deli sandwiches. I wish I had a place like this near my home. Being open until 10pm is awesome too, especially for a place like this.

The service was really good. A woman was manning it by herself for most of the time I was there and she handled other orders and phone orders very well. I am curious to see how this place performs when it is really busy. Prices on the sandwiches were very cheap, most under $4.00. They offer various coffees as well. I think my breakfast sandwich was the highlight on this visit. I arrived here approximately 740PM tonight and it was worth the drive. The atmosphere was very quiet while I was there, and sometimes I like to have a quiet experience without a lot of people around. I was not rushed to eat or leave and you will find plenty of options. I wish I could have identified all of the varieties of donuts. Do not worry, I took plenty of pictures of the cases for you. This place was very basic but spacious. Do not expect a ‘thrill’ element from the restaurant but consider it a fun spot to hang out if you have a few minutes.

Accessibility: Sip N Dip is located on US-192 (Eastbound Side) in Saint Cloud, Florida approximately 3 miles from Florida Turnpike (Tolls). Traffic was moderate during the time of my arrival. I had to make a U-Turn before turning into the restaurant but no issues entering or exiting. Parking was in abundance while I was there, plenty of spaces available.

Customer Service: I was greeted ‘almost’ immediately upon entry. The nice lady working was in the middle of a lengthy phone order when I arrived. The two donuts I ordered were given to me immediately and my breakfast sandwich was ready in less than ten minutes. There was not much interaction after I received my food. They did send me off with a ‘thank you,’ and a smile when I left, so I am happy with that.

Dating Scene: This place is not on my radar for a date but if you want something low key and want something sweet, it is good for a quick stop with your significant other. The restaurant is family friendly. There are more than enough tables for families or groups to sit. The family may have a little sugar high out of here but who cares?

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered two donuts; a cinnamon twist and a vanilla frosted donut with a chocolate frosted star on it. Both donuts were pretty good. I really liked the vanilla frosted the most between the two. I think next time I will do the glazed twist. I ordered the steak and egg sandwich (without cheese per my request) on a biscuit. I was very surprised by this one. The steak was in chunks and cooked inside of the egg. I do not think I have ever had it like that but it was amazing. The biscuit itself was a little unusual in a good way. It was very fluffy, definitely from scratch. The donuts were $1.09 each and my sandwich was $2.99. I think two people in here could spend less than $15 if you are getting a sandwich, with a donut and a drink. Donuts are sold individual or by the dozen. I identified jelly filled donuts, seriously huge cinnamon buns and ‘butterflies’ which were even bigger. I found coconut donuts, donuts with gummy bears, cake donuts, and glazed. Sandwiches consist of eggs, bacon, steak, cheese, almost anything you want.

Extras: You are near the Florida Turnpike (Tolls) and less than 30 minutes from Old Town in Kissimmee on the other end of US-192.

Restaurant Cleanliness: A couple of tables needed attention with cleaning. No other issues.

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Donuts, Saint Cloud


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