Orlando, Florida 09/30/2017

Suga Mammas Pound Cakes

We are doing this review a little differently. Recently I have begun seeking out people that do not own restaurants but they have businesses where they fulfill orders, or make items in commercial kitchens or people that deliver foods they make to their clients. I had a chance to meet with Suga Mamma herself. You can check out her site at http://www.poundcakesbysuga.com.

I remember finding her business cards at my barbershop a few weeks ago and reached out to her. It was an honor to meet her. We met in Orlando today and I had a chance to sample some of the items she makes and I took one of her most popular items. On my journey with Florida Stuffed, I have never been given anything like this and I appreciate the gesture. We are going to treat this more as a show case since my standard outline of restaurants does not apply!

What To Expect: Suga Mamma makes many different kinds of pound cake. I am surprised to meet anyone here that knows what pound cake is. It does not seem to be a known or popular cake here. I am from Alabama originally, and that is all they do up there. She told me that she has been doing this for fifteen years and the experience is there. When I say pound cake, it is not the typical loaf cake. Many of her items have toppings, served on plates, martini glasses and other forms. She is easy to reach and wait time for orders is just a few days if you are local.

What Did I try: I tried a few items from her sample basket. I am very surprised and happy even right now while writing this after everything I tried. I tried a sample of the banana and strawberry pound cake, and I also tried the white chocolate turtle pound cake. She allowed me to take her order of crab and shrimp pound cake. How does this work? It is a large slice of butter pound cake, which was amazing itself, topped with fresh crab meat and shrimp. What I had, just had the crab meat topping this time but I hope to order from her sometime next week. It came with a pleasant seafood sauce on the side too. The pound cakes she makes are very moist, which is the way pound cake should be.

I hope to do more reviews like this. Florida Stuffed wants to reach out to small business owners and this was an honor to meet someone personally, that made the time to see me. I am glad I had the chance to get to know her what she does for a living. Doing reviews like this is brand new to me. I am glad she knows me and what I do. Check her out, I know you will find something you would like to try. I always hope people keep an open mind with my editorial. If you have never tried pound cake before, now is the time. She told me she will be releasing some new seasonal items for winter and I am hoping to try as much as possible!

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