Location: Andys Igloo –Winter Haven, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/30/2017

Welcome to the first review of Florida Stuffed delivered from Winter Haven, Florida! Last restaurant review of the month! This restaurant was not my first choice, nor was it on my itinerary tonight. I had my eyes on another restaurant in the area but for some unknown reason, that restaurant was trying to close over an hour early. I passed by this place and saw people standing outside of it and the vintage sign on the side of the road so I parked it right there. This was a pleasant surprise for me considering this place did not show up in any of my searches of the area. This classic restaurant takes locals back to a different time. I believe this may be the oldest restaurant I have ever reviewed, with an opening date of 1951.

This restaurant had an atmosphere with classic 50’s and 60’s music that anyone young or old can enjoy. The food was on point tonight and I will go a little deeper into the food in this review. Please note the restaurant takes cash only. Apparently, groups of people were standing outside for two different reasons. One area was for the ice cream and milkshakes, which people take to go. The other window was for to-go orders from the main restaurant, which is a nice setup. I am sure it alleviates foot traffic in the restaurant itself. I had a chance to meet with Nikos (Correct me if I spelled your name wrong), the current owner. Very nice guy! I really appreciate having the chance to get to know him and to know the restaurant a little more. He has owned the restaurant since 1998 and is the third owner in the lifetime of the restaurant. 3 owners in the last fifty years is not bad, in my opinion. Service was really good and one thing about this place, the food is cheap on your wallet!

Accessibility: Andys is located on the corner of US-17 and Avenue G SW in Winter Haven, Florida. I am not too familiar with this area but traffic was light during the time of my arrival, approximately 930PM. Plenty of parking was available around the restaurant.

Customer Service: I was greeted immediately upon entry. Open seating is available. My server was really good. She was very friendly and checked on me quite frequently. My order was brought out to me in approximately ten minutes. The staff in general was very nice to me and it definitely makes me feel more comfortable as a first time customer.

Dating Scene: You know what, if this was near my home, I would do dates here quite frequently. You can definitely have a good time and a good meal on a small budget. It is more of a low-key place, and you can sit and enjoy the music with your food. The restaurant is very family friendly. Plenty of seating options can accommodate various groups of people.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered a burger basket. This order consisted of a half pound burger, and I asked for onion rings instead of fries ($0.95 upcharge). On my burger, I had no cheese, with ketchup, pickle, onion and I added bacon ($1.75 upcharge). I also ordered a slice of apple pie. My bill came up to $10.27. The order also came with cole slaw. You know, I am sure cole slaw is not liked by many, and some ignore it on their plates but this was the surprise for me. It is one of those things people make differently everywhere but this place makes it just the way I LIKE IT. Finely minced, and creamy. I really hate dry cole slaw, which is a common thing now. The burger was really good and they give you a generous portion of bacon on the burger. The burger was cooked just right, not overdone and the onion rings were just as good. They offer breakfast in the morning until 11AM, and they offer seafood baskets, burgers, a variety of sandwiches, steak, ice cream, pies and milkshakes! A couple could spend anywhere from $20 to $25 in the restaurant, if you get desserts or anything extra with your meal. I also tried the fruit salad ice cream, which had vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and mixed fruit. Very nice!

Extras: There was not much to report in the area. There are various strip malls, and you are about fifteen minutes from Interstate 4.

Restaurant Cleanliness: My table had to be cleaned after I sat down, which was handled within a few seconds after I sat down but no issues to report.

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Winter Haven, Burgers

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