Location: China Brothers –Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/28/2017

It has been a while since Florida Stuffed has featured a Chinese restaurant in a review and I love Chinese too. It seems like a lot of the Chinese restaurants in the east Orlando area are too much alike, nothing really stands out, and there are too many ‘just take out’ restaurants. I received a menu on my door at home from this place and decided to give it a shot tonight.

This restaurant was larger than I expected and it did not give that ‘hole in the wall’ impression like a lot of places. Sometimes holes have great food but I like to have the sit down experience with it. I arrived her approximately 930PM and remained for approximately forty-five minutes. I ate plenty tonight too. The service was good and I was taken by my dish too. This restaurant seems pretty new as it is in a strip that was built recently but it is hard to see from the main road. Do not worry, I will give you a few landmarks to help you out. I have always found Chinese food to be my own personal comfort food. It has been a rough week on a personal note but you cannot go wrong with a bowl of egg drop soup. I really liked the sit down environment of this place and it had a nice ambiance as well.

Accessibility: China Brothers is located in a small strip at the corner of Curry Ford Road and Lamberton Boulevard in Orlando, Florida. It is next to a Publix at the corner of Curry Ford Road and Dean Road and next to a Wendys if that helps. There is no light coming out of Lamberton Boulevard onto Curry Ford Road and vise versa. Use caution when entering or exiting Lamberton either way. Traffic can become slightly congestion on this stretch of Curry Ford Road during commute hours. Traffic was light during my arrival time. Plenty of parking is available in front of the restaurant.

Customer Service: I was greeted at the register counter upon entry. I was the only one eating inside the restaurant the whole time I was there. Open seating is available. There is plenty of space for couples, families and other groups as well. My server was very nice and she checked on me frequently. My order was prepared in approximately fifteen minutes.

Dating Scene: This is one time I would say, I wish some of our Chinese restaurants would get away from the ‘take out only’ personality I find in many of them in east Orlando. This restaurant has enough space and a pleasant layout that would make a nice date or even family night. The restaurant is family friendly as well.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered a plate of Orange Beef (extra spicy), egg fried rice and a small egg drop soup. I always get the question, “What is orange beef and why do you like it so much?” Let me describe it first, it is lightly fried flank steak in an orange peel sauce. It comes spicy already but I prefer my spice level higher. It is garnished with broccoli and orange peel. Some other places I have had orange beef use larger cuts but I liked how the steak was cut smaller and had a lot flavor. The egg fried rice disappointed me a little. For fried rice, it was a little on bland side. I ate half of it. Egg drop soup is a generic recipe at most places here but it was still good. The orange beef was fresh, spicy and not covered in a ton of breading. It was done just right. My bill came out to $14.38 before tip. Depending on the time of day, a couple could spend up to $25 in here during dinner hours. On the menu you will find fried rice, small and large dinner plates, dishes of lo mein, chow mein, noodles, beef, chicken, shrimp and pork, duck. There are definitely a lot of choices on the menu along with appetizers. Please note this restaurant delivers to you if you live in the area.

Extras: You are next to a Publix supermarket and less than two miles from SR-417 (Tolls).

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

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