Location: Tin and Taco –Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/27/2017

Welcome back to downtown Orlando, Florida. This restaurant was known formally as Whats Your Beef…previously reviewed as well. I have not stopped by here in a while, I do not eat out much on my lunch these days but I needed to go somewhere today. This restaurant has definitely gained a new life with a revised menu, and my friend Rob who owns the place, has really put his heart into this place. I have been glad to get to know him and this restaurant. It is a popular spot during the lunch hours and with extended hours in the evening, you can always stop by.

This restaurant has a menu of items that appear Mexican with elements of Asian influence as well. The restaurant may be small inside but you always have somewhere to sit. A lot of the staff know me already and I am not a difficult customer! The restaurant is a nice diversion from the day at work. One thing I do miss about the previous restaurant is the breakfast menu but what they have now is pretty amazing and prices are reasonable for a downtown spot.

Accessibility: Tin and Taco is located on Washington Street in downtown Orlando near the intersection of Orange Avenue. Paid parallel parking and paid parking lots are available. Thankfully I am just able to walk to this place from my job. Keep in mind prices for parking change in the immediate area based on time and day. I arrived around 130PM and parking was already at $10.00 at the lot across the street. I have seen it as low as $5.00.

Customer Service: My company and I was greeted immediately upon entry. Our orders were ready in less than ten minutes. Open seating is available and now there is outdoor seating available. I think a 90 degree afternoon kept everyone inside. The staff did check on everyone eating inside and took our plates when we were finished.

Dating Scene: Usually I visit here during the afternoon so I recommend it for a lunch date especially if you want something low key and easy. The restaurant is family friendly but I recommend this place for those with larger appetites like myself.

Lets Get to the Menu: I ordered a bourbon street burrito (which is also available as a taco). It contains a blend of fresh ingredients including rice, shredded chicken, bourbon sauce, lettuce and crispy noodles. That was all I needed. It definitely hit the spot. My lunch date ordered three different tacos. The burrito required my skill with a fork and knife but I tackled it, entirely.  You will find a variety of tacos and burritos on the menu along with an assortment of fountain drinks and beers as well. I have yet to indulge in the alcohol since I am at work when I am there. Our bill came to approximately $22.00. I believe a couple could spend up to $25 during lunch time, if you exclude alcohol.

Extras: Take the time to hang out around downtown…but check your parking meter first. You are within walking distance of many of the downtown shops and other restaurants. You are less than a mile from the Amway arena as well.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

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