Location: That One Spot Burgers –Ocoee, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/22/2017

Florida Stuffed is back in Ocoee, Florida. This is probably the second ever review from Ocoee but I am glad to have visited this place! Welcome to That One Spot! I was really thrilled to do this review because it has been a long time since I sat down and ate…a burger. You have seen all of the places I have been to, everything I have eaten but it has been a long time since I have had a burger! The experience and the food itself did not fall short of any expectation tonight.

I found the atmosphere here to be very upbeat. The staff was great, friendly and motivated. The restaurant was crowded during my arrival around 8PM. I wish the restaurant was a little bigger inside. There was not many options for seating left and even more people were coming in during my visit. However, that tells me the place is popular and that the food is good. During my time, it appeared everyone was happy with what they ordered and were focused on their plates. The burger and my side hit the spot. I was here approximately 40 minutes and I could have went for round two with a second burger easily. The atmosphere and light music was definitely good for both kids and adults here. Lets get on with it…

Accessibility: That One Spot is located in Ocoee, Florida at the intersection of McGuire and West Colonial Drive (SR-50). It is sitting at the edge of a plaza and easy to access from either SR-50 or McGuire. Plenty of parking was available.

Customer Service: I was greeted immediately upon entry. I did not catch the name of the gentleman at the register but he was a great help. He took me through a tour of the menu after I told him this was my first time visiting and showed me how everything works on the menu. My order was brought out to me in approximately fifteen minutes. Open seating is available inside and out. On my way out, the same one that took my order asked me how the food was and asked if everything was good. One thing you may want to note that I did not know earlier myself is that he said I can call my order in ahead of my arrival next time so it is ready before I get there.

Dating Scene: I would definitely consider this place for a lunch or dinner date if you want a good atmosphere and easy setting. I will definitely say this is a good place to take the kids. Seating options are good enough for individuals or families. There is limited outdoor seating available.

Lets Get to the Menu: The menu…its all about what you want here, clearly. I ordered a ‘build you own burger,’ which started out at seven dollars. I ordered mine with a brioche bun, no cheese, roasted bell peppers (red and green), a fried egg, ketchup and barbeque sauce. Originally I ordered a cup of salmon chowder. Unfortunately I never found out what that was because a crewmember informed me while, I was waiting, that they were out of the soup. I ended up getting a side of macaroni and cheese. The m.a.c had black pepper and corn in it. It was an interesting combination, pretty good too. Getting back to the burger, I ordered it medium well (they ask how you like your meat). I think the egg was the best part of course. The burger was six ounces in case you were wondering. The ingredients were fresh and everything was nice and hot too. My bill was $12.78. For a six ounce burger, it hit the spot for me. On the menu you will find a choice of salmon, turkey, chicken and beef for your burgers. There are specialty burgers on the menu or you can do the build your own option. The build your own option gives you a choice of breads (three different breads available including gluten free), two toppings (additional toppings extra), two sauces (additional sauces extra), and premium toppings like my fried egg, which was $1.00 extra. The m.a.c. added another $4 to the bill. There are additional sides such as fries, and potato chips. Depending on how you like your burgers loaded, I estimate a couple could spend up to $25 here so it is definitely within affordable price ranges with Florida Stuffed.

Extras: There is a Twistee Treat ice cream shop in front of this place. You are a few minutes from Winter Garden and the Florida Turnpike (Tolls).

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

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