Location: Damn Good Doughnuts  (DG Donuts) –Oakland, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/23/2017

Welcome to the first restaurant on Florida Stuffed to be featured from Oakland, Florida. Oakland is between the lines of Winter Garden and Clermont, Florida. Doughnuts are the topic today! I have been looking for places to satisfy a sweet tooth that has been lingering on me for a while and I love how we still have a few non-chain doughnut places left here. I was a little surprised but not disappointed by the location itself. I thought the place was in a shopping strip but the restaurant is located inside of a Chevron gas station, which has no bearing on my review. I arrived approximately 840AM this morning after driving from Orlando, which was about a light thirty minute drive with no real traffic.

It appears people were way more interested in this place than the gas station itself. This place creates different flavors of doughnuts that are huge in size. People were constantly coming and going from the place while I was there. I hope the sweet woman that took care of me is reading this. Thanks for a great experience and yes, I fell in love all around! Customer service was great as the staff was very friendly and great dealing with a constant volume of customers. Be aware, they are closed on Mondays and their doughnut selection changes every week on Tuesday, as I was informed. I am also making a rare appears in the post. I never get in front of my own camera but I had to this time since doughnuts make me happy.

I am looking forward to returning to the gym later this afternoon. It has been two weeks since I have been there, prior to Hurricane Irma and I really need to go today. These doughnuts were fresh, big and warm. Yes, this is a diet violation for us all but was it worth it? Yes! Keep reading…

Accessibility: Damn Good Doughnuts is located inside of the Chevron gas station at the corner of West Colonial Drive (SR-50) and 4th Street in Oakland Florida. Traffic was light on this stretch of SR-50 at the time of my arrival and after I left. Plenty of parking is available in front and around the station.

Customer Service: My friend and I were greeted immediately upon entry. We got through the line and I was given a tour of all of the doughnut varieties available. Our orders were ready immediately. Some of our doughnuts were taken from the display, while others were taken from carts with baking trays. A small area of seating is available inside near the action. I hope to stop by again here soon. The staff here kept things simple and I appreciate the tour.

Dating Scene: I would not single this place out for a date-date but is definitely a nice spot if you want to get together during morning hours before starting your day or if you traveling through the area. Coffee and doughnuts always go well with some company. The restaurant is most family friendly. Good thing about this place, you can get your order to go or you can hang out and enjoy it there.

Lets Get to the Menu: Menu prices are pretty set. $2.75 per doughnut, half dozen $15 and dozen $30. I ordered three donuts, total of $8.25. I ordered an apple cinnamon, a vanilla, and a cinnamon sugar. The vanilla and the cinnamon sugar tied as my favorites out of what I ordered. The dough is already a vanilla yeast so definitely expect some sweetness from the dough. Other flavors were available including raspberry streusel, key lime, pumpkin, sprinkles, peanut butter chocolate chip and others. They also sell loaded donut holes, and donut bars. They had several coffee beverages available. If you want something else, you can get something from the gas station part. My friend bought a half dozen to take back to his family.

Extras: There is not much to report on this stretch in the Oakland area but this place is a few minutes from the Florida Turnpike (Tolls).

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Florida Stuffed Keywords: Doughnuts, Oakland

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