Location: Winter Garden Pizza Company –Winter Garden, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/20/2017

Welcome to Restaurant #85 on Florida Stuffed. I am back in Winter Garden, Florida again, this time in their downtown area on a search for pizza. This was my first time visiting this restaurant and I am happy to say it will not be the last time. Winter Garden Pizza Company exceeded my expectations, both as a restaurant and with the food as well. The restaurant has been through some changes recently according to my server but sometimes change can be for the better. As a first time visitor, I was very taken by the atmosphere of the restaurant and I was very happy with the service.

This was my first time ever visiting the downtown area of Winter Garden. I had to park a short distance from the restaurant due to the parking situation but I had time to glace around at the various shops and grills in the area. I would like to get to know this area more. It is a popular area among the locals. Winter Garden Pizza Company holds a place with the downtown area and the rest of the community. The restaurant was acquired by its third owner recently but I was told that there have been no significant changes to the menu, and mostly everything is staying the same. This restaurant is huge on the inside but I liked how everything was laid out. You have more than enough space to walk around tables, nothing is really close together and the restaurant has a very comfortable atmosphere for couples, singles or families. I came across some very strange reviews of this place while I was researching the location prior to my arrival and I am glad you are reading THIS review instead. There were complaints of customer service that did not make a whole lot of sense but Florida Stuffed has nothing but good things to say about this visit. Expect an affordable experience with plenty of options for you to try.

Accessibility: Winter Garden Pizza Company is located on West Plant Street in Winter Garden, Florida. When I arrived, I was unable to park in front of the restaurant or near the restaurant. I had to park in a lot a short walk from the restaurant. There is parking (slanted and parallel) in front of the restaurant but I was not able to secure a spot. Parking is not metered but has a two hour limit between 8AM and 8PM. Traffic in the area was moderate during my arrival time (720P).

Customer Service: My company and I were greeted within a couple of minutes of entering. A host was sitting each guest individually to their tables and there were plenty of places to sit here. My server Crissi was a pleasure to have. I found her very professional and friendly. She has been with the restaurant for a long time (years) and very knowledgeable of the restaurant and the menu. Our orders were brought out in approximately twenty minutes. A beer and an appetizer were ordered and were brought out in about five minutes. We were checked on regularly by Crissi and she quickly handled any additional needs we had (water, napkins, etc).

Dating Scene: Winter Garden Pizza Company proved perfect for a date tonight. The restaurant offers a light atmosphere perfect for groups and families. Spacious tables make the restaurant a good site for families, both large and small. Music was in the background but not loud enough to distract anyone.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered a Sausage Roll, which included thin sliced sausage, onions, green peppers and mozzarella cheese (I requested extra cheese) and cheesy garlic bread. My company ordered a stella artois (beer) and a Stromboli. The bill came up to $33.25 before tip. The experience can remain affordable for a couple. Prices remain reasonable. If a couple sticks to pizza and an appetizer, you can keep your bill under $30. It could go up to $50 if you get different items like we did and if you include appetizers and drinks. The restaurant serves beer and wine as well. On the menu you will find pizza, salads, subs, pizza rolls, Stromboli, pasta, spaghetti along with a salad bar located near the tables. I was very impressed by the sausage roll. Everything came out hot, and fresh. There was just the right amount of cheese in the roll. It came with a side of marinara sauce. The cheesy bread was good. I would have liked more cheese on it but for what it lacked in cheese, it made up for in garlic butter so we were good either way. My company enjoyed her Stromboli and beer as well. The roll was approximately ten inches so take your time eating it.

Extras: There is much to look at in the immediate area. There are shops and other bars in the area. You are less than ten minutes from SR-429 (Tolls) and fifteen minutes from Clermont.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

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