Location: Sal’s Italian Ice & Ice Cream –Sanford, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/13/2017

Florida Stuffed is continuing its tour around the area in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. My tour today took me through Sanford, Florida. It has been a while since I reviewed anything in this area but I am glad I found this small ice cream spot opened! Sanford took a great deal damage from the storm and I have heard of flooding in certain areas of the city but it seems like everyone is pulling together to get things cleaned up. Considering the Florida heat is back in full effect, I am glad I had some ice cream here. This review will be a quick one. I arrived shortly before 3PM after driving up from downtown Orlando and I stayed for less than thirty minutes due to scheduling constraints on my part.

The restaurant did not have hand scooped ice cream available today. Next time I return, I will be sure to try some.

Accessibility: Sal’s is located next to the Walgreens on the corner of US 17-92 and CR-46A (46 Alternate aka 27th Street) in Sanford, Florida. Parking is available behind the building. The parking area can support a half dozen vehicles at the most and the drive through is behind the building as well. This stretch of US 17-92 can become congested during commute hours but traffic was moderate for me during this time so I had no problems entering or exiting.

Customer Service: I was greeted after coming up to the window to order. The associate was very friendly and had my order ready in a couple of minutes. I met with the store manager, and she was very nice as well. I told her who I was and I am glad to feature the restaurant on this editorial. Seating is available (at the back) of the restaurant outside.

Dating Scene: I can never say no to ice cream on a date, whether it is at the beginning or the end of a date. The restaurant is family friendly.

Lets Get to the Menu: The restaurant has a very simple menu that offers a lot of flavors. They offer Italian ice, soft-serve ice cream, hand scooped ice cream, floats, sundaes and gelato. I ordered a soft serve vanilla (large cup) with whipped cream. My tab came out to approximately $3.55. They charged $0.50 extra for the whipped cream. I believe two people could spend less than $15.00 so expect a very affordable experience. I believe the soft served is available also in chocolate and swirled as well. The Italian ice is available in twenty flavors.

Extras: There is not much to report in the area. You are five minutes from downtown Sanford, fifteen minutes from the mall and other marina areas as well.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

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