Location: The Italian House –Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/12/2017

I am happy to present a new restaurant on Florida Stuffed only less than two days in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. I am glad to see our restaurants and other businesses getting things back together because without them, our communities would not be here. This is not the first storm I have been through nor will it be the last. Orlando as a city can and will recover from this. This is a restaurant I pass daily on my way home from work and I am glad to see them back in business today. I was expecting a packed restaurant like the other few places that are open. While I have plenty of food in reserve at home, I was very eager to get back to work on this editorial. It seemed as if certain parts of the surrounding neighborhood had power restored and others were still in the dark. I arrived around 745PM.

I believe this location used to be a pizza hut long ago and I remember a Mexican restaurant being here as well that disappeared some years ago. I had a good experience here and I had plenty to eat for sure. Ordering time and wait time was a little more extended than I usually come across but I know there were many people eating in, and others doing take out orders prior to my arrival so I exercised additional patience here. I was very impressed with what I ordered and I am glad I was able to find a seat. I found the prices here to be very reasonable on all ends of the menu. During my visit today, the restaurant accepted cash only so I had to leave for a moment and get money but that may have been due to system outages going on right now. It was nice to get a good meal after a stressful last few days. The interior of the restaurant was reminiscent of the pizza hut that used to exist here but the dining area was spacious and you have plenty of space to move about even if it is busy.

Accessibility: The Italian House is located on Crystal Lake Drive in Orlando, Florida near the intersection of Curry Ford Road. This area is prone to congestion during commute hours. Parking was not in abundance as I had to park in an abandon cleaners parking lot next to the restaurant. In the current hurricane aftermath, be aware of various traffic light outages in the area and there is road debris from signs, and buildings in the area. Use a little caution if you are reading this review in the aftermath of the storm.

Customer Service: I was greeted after a couple of minutes of standing at the entrance to the restaurant. I was seating after. A server did not approach me for at least five minutes after I sat down. Definitely no complaints, like I mentioned before, it was very busy and it gave me some time to look through the menu. My server Danielle was great. She was very attentive to me and very friendly. It definitely made me feel comfortable in an unfamiliar restaurant, and that is something that is important to me in these reviews. She had my order out to me in approximately fifteen minutes. I tried not to bother her too much as I know she and the other servers had a lot going on but I had everything I needed at my table already. The staff was very friendly and able to keep up with the heavy customer flow.

Dating Scene: This restaurant has a very casual atmosphere, and laid back too. It is definitely worthy of a low-key date for lunch or dinner. The restaurant is family friendly as well. Plenty of seating options available for two or for a family or group.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered Grilled Chicken Ziti (dinner portion). This dish was a pleasant and filling surprise for me. I ordered it with extra mozzarella cheese of course. Essentially it is a bowl of ziti pasta, with cheese on top, grilled chicken, melanese sauce, chicken and spinach. It also came with three breadsticks and a choice of soup or salad. I request chicken rice soup. I finished all but one of the breadsticks out of everything on my table. My bill was $13.83 before tip. I was very happy with the portion on this visit. I took pictures of it before and after I got into the ziti. The chicken was nicely done on the inside of the ziti, not dry or overdone. The spinach added a nice flavor as well. The soup was really good too. It had a nice range of herbs and again, the chicken was the best part of it. On the menu, you will find sandwiches, soups, salads, varieties of pizza, spaghetti, ziti, chicken, veal and seafood. There is also an impressive range of desserts on the menu you need to look for as well. Prices are all over the place here so it is difficult to see what two people could spend. The restaurant offers beer and wine. I would estimate a couple could spend up to $50.00 in here, if you get dessert, large pizza, and any alcohol. In any event, it is still affordable for two or for a family.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report. My compliments to the staff for ensuring  tables are cleaned immediately after customers leave.

Extras: There is not much to see in this area. You are a few minutes from ST-408 (Tolls), Lake Como, 20 minutes from the airport.

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